Holy Caves Of Sikkim

These caves are some of the lesser known places if interest and lie in the four different directions. These caves are Laringvigphu (old cave of God’s hill) in the north, Kahdosangphu (cave of the fairies) in the South, pephu (Sacret Cave) in the east and Drchhenphu (the cave of happiness) in the west.

Laringnigphu is considered as the most holy and it is s one day walk from Lapdang (Lapdang is 20kms. away from Tashiding by road).

Dechenphu is also equally inaccessible and is a one day walk from Darap near Pelling.

Kahdosangphu lies at Reshi hot spring on the Jorthang-Gyalshing highway. To reach the hot spring and the cave one has to walk about ten minutes from the highway across the river Rangit by a pedestrian suspension bridge.

Pephu lies near Sangmoo which is situated five kilometre away from Ravangla on the highway between Singtam and Ravangla. One has to walk about half an hour downhill from Sangmoo to reach the cave which lies between the Tendong and Maenam hills. Its cavern is said to extend to both the Tendong and Maenam hilltops.