About Kurseong

Kueseong viewKurseong is a hill station situated in Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. The original inhabitants of Kurseong and Darjeeling were the Lepchas and the word in the Lepcha language, Kharsang means the "Land of the White Orchids". Located at an altitude of 1,458 metres (4,864 ft), Kurseong is just 32 km (20 miles) from Darjeeling. It has a pleasant climate throughout the year and the winters are not as severe as Darjeeling. In the year 1835 Darjeeling was selected and acquired by the then British India Govt. for the purpose of establishing health sanatorium and summer residence for their officers and the soldiers.

Kurseong is a perfect place for people who want to derive the pleasures of being in an alpine surrounding without worrying about higher altitudes and bone-chilling cold weather. Kurseong is nicknamed as The School town due to the emergence of many reputed schools in the town. the town of Kurseong at around mid-day, you will see the area around the station bustling with activity. Crowds of people thronging around shops, tea-vendors and restaurants, travellers on the way to Darjeeling settling down for a quick lunch, porters unloading luggage, taxi drivers getting ready for passengers. Meanwhile, the engine is de-linked from the train and shuttled out on a different track to the yard at one end of the town.

Tea Estates -Kurseong is home to the costliest teas in the world. World famous Castleton, Ambotia and Makaibari tea gardens produce the most delicate aromas of all black teas known to mankind.

Teas grown on the misty heights of Darjeeling, popularly known as the ‘Champagne of Tea’ are famous world over for their exquisite taste. The premium Darjeeling teas are mild in character and have distinctive natural fruity flavours. The different steps in Tea manufacture can be seen in the factories of the tea estates at Kurseong.

Eagle’s Craig view point – This view point is located near the town seemingly perched on a cliff. One can have a sweeping view of the surrounding mountain, hill, hamlets and slopes from here. It has a cafeteria, a watch tower and a flower garden; this place also houses the water reservoir for the entire town of Kurseong. The place also has a concrete altar built in the park with a khukri on top called shahid smarak; it was built by the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council to pay tribute to the lives that were lost in the agitation of 1988. From here you will get a magnificent view of the plains of Siliguri dotted with bright lights in the distance at night.

Deer Park – The Deer Park in Dow hill area comes under the jurisdiction of the state forest department. It was named such because large numbers of Deers were found in the area before the menace of deforestation and poaching arrived. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the animal trying to attract your attention by coming out of the wilderness. Venturing inside the forest is prohibited.

Giddapahar view point – Giddapahar view point in Giddapahar, a few kilometers from Kurseong, provides a great view of the mountains and is a great place for clicking photographs.

Grotto – The grotto houses the statue of Virgin Mary and is located in a beautiful surrounding that takes you to another place and time. It is a peaceful place and peace is what you feel when you’re there. Devotees light candles and pray to God here; it is also frequented by young couples because it offers seclusion.

Forest Museum – The forest museum is also located in Dow Hill and is overseen by the forest department. You will get to know the types of animals that inhabited the forest area here in the past when you visit the museum.

Bhangzang Salamander Lake – It is located 14 km from Kurseong. In the past, it used to be a favorite place for the British and people from the neighboring towns used to hang out here frequently. A relatively unknown getaway among the tourist destinations in Darjeeling brought to you by naturebeyond. It is a beautiful green-tinged lake that shelters the rarest and most endangered species of salamanders – a species under threat of extinction.

Gidda pahar Seti Mata Temple – this temple is  carved out of an ancient rock and is dedicated to goddess Durga. A sacred place of the Hindus.

Ambootia Temple – this temple is located within the Ambotia Tea estate area. It has an old temple thronged by many devotees.