About Lat Panchar

Bird a latpancherLat Panchar know as hidden Himalayan beauty this place is situated on the west bank of river Tista and is close to core area of Mahananda wild life Suntory. A magnificent view of the Kanchenjunga range, Kalimpong hill and Tista river can be had from here .this place is also kin own for its medinal plants.


 Lal kothi  a scenic spot , ideal for day Richies Kuhi area can be visited with a special permission from the forest department.

SANSARI DARA:  A view point famous for its view of the sunrise over the Himalaya.

 NAMTHANG LAKE:  Situated at an altitude of 4250ft this beautiful lake is the natural habitat for a number of rare species and the second place in the region where the Himalaya Salamandar can be found .