About Pedong

kanchendzunga view from PedongA small picture sure hamlet on the way to Lava, Pedong falls on the ancient silk route that connects Tibet with India through the JELEP – LA – PASS. This place is surrounded with pine forests and offers a magnificent view of the   snow ranges of mount Kanchenjunga.

Pedong located 4700ft. Above sea leavle in the Kalimpong Renok Road Pedong is where West Bengal , Sikkim and Bhutan met. This is the venue of the fabulous agricultural mountain fair, held in the last week of February every year.

CROSS HILL:  A place of pilgrimage for Christians, a cross was placed here by father Augustine Desgodins  as a land mark , on this way to Tibet through the Nathula pass in 1882.

DAMSANG FORT: Build in 1619 to stem any aggression by the troops of the East India Company and other hostile tribes. It is in ruins after the Anglo –Bhutanese war of 1864. A magnificent view of the Himalayas and lush green valley’s can be obtained from hare.

RAMITEY:  The river Tista sankes in between valleys and mountains here as the Kunchunjunga  loons majestically over it.

RIKKISUM:  Situated a hill top on the Podong Lava road , and old bungle built by the British in 1902 Is located here the entire kunchunjunga range and part of Neoravalley national park , Sikkim border (Rangpo) can be viewed from here.

SILLERYGAON: Located at an altitude of 6000ft in the middle of pine forest of Damsang, this place offers a breath taking view of the mount Kanchunjunga you can stay here on home stay.


SANGCHHEN GUMPA:  A Bhutanese monastery built in 1706 is located here all the antiques of Damsang port are preserved here. The Chyaam Dance is performed here during the RANI NVMI festival. It is one of the oldest monastery in this area , entire monastery build by wood and nature colour used for decoration , this monasterys rules and regulation operate from Bhutan.