About Pelling

View form PellingPelling is a town in the district of West Sikkim, India. Pelling is nestled at an altitude of 2,150 m (7,200 ft). The town is located at a distance of 10 km from the district headquarters of Geyzing. Pelling a scenic tranquil but rapidly awelling hamlet in Sikkim. Pelling become a famous tourist destination for magnificent snow caped mountain view till as recently as 1995, Pelling nondescript village with a few hous.  Apart from Mount Kanchendzunga, pelling provides some of the best views of other mountain like Kokthang, Rathong, Kabru Dom, Shimvo and siniolchu all over 20,000ft. Pelling is an ideal place for tourist, situated on top of the ridge overlooking valley and mountains.

Old monasteries, waterfalls, shot trek rout, villages. Pelling is an important destination in West Sikkim, several mordan and international standard hotels and resort have been created in around Pelling. These Hotels and Resort offer luxurious stay. 

How To Go:

By Air – the nearest airport is Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal, from airport to reach Pelling 149kms

By Rail – the nearest railway station New Jalpaiguri (NJP)is also in West Bengal. From pelling to NJp station 131kms.

By Road -  by road to any part of Sikkim and West Bengal well connected, nearest junction city Siliguri from pelling 127kms.

Sightseeing : :Pemeyangsey monastery at pelling

Pemayansey Monastery – it is the most important monastery of the Nyingmapa order and was first built as a small temple in the last seventeenth centaury by Latsun Chempo. Later during the reign of the third Chogyal Chakdor Namgyal, Jigme Pawo who was the third reincarnate of Latsun Chembo extended and rebuilt the structure in the form of a big monastery. The main hall of the monastery has an area of about 180 sq mt. the monastery houses numerous religious idols and other objects of worship, most of the which are priceless because of their antiquity.

Rabdanste Ruins – was the second capital of Sikkim and was established in the late seventeenth century by the second Choegyal of the Sikkim. It was abandoned towards the end of the eighteenth century because of the threat posed by the Nepalis and the capital was shifted to Tumlong. The chortens around the palace have however withstood the elements of nature. The ruins are now being preserved by the Archaeological survey of India an have been declared as a monument.

Sangacholing Monastery – Vonsiderd the oldest in Sikkim, lies amidst a thick forested hill top opposite the Pemeyanste Monastery towards the west. Less then a kilometre ahead of Pemeyanste on the road  to Yuksom is Pelling and it is from here that one starts walking to this monastery. The track is wide and moderately steep and it take about an hour to reach the monastery from Pelling.   

Kechopelri Lake -  Kechopelri means the Wishing Lake. The water in this lake is placid and crystal clear. Not even a leaf can be seen floting on the water suface although there is a beautiful dense forest above the lake. It is said that if a leaf drop on the surface of the water it is picked by bird. An hour’s walk uphill from the lake take one to a holy cave and a further one hour and a half walk uphill takes one to the highest point over looking the lake and offers a bird’s eye view. The lake looks like a footprint from here.

Kanchendzunga Waterfalls – the Kanchendzonga waterfalls are located about 19kms away from Pelling on the way to Yuksom. The thunder of the icy cold water cascading down the granite rocks resounds in the surrounding. The sound is so loud that it is impossible to hear each other. A mist of water droplets from the waterfalls lies suspended in the air and this can make your clothes cold and moist.

Rimbi Waterfals & Sewaro Rock Garden – The waterfalls 12kms from Pelling on the way to Yuksom. The waterfalls meet in to Rimbi river. A small Hydro power plant is situated on the left side of the Rimbi River the plant known as Karchen Hydro Electricity Power House. The small Hydro power plant provides power to Pelling and other near by villages.


The Tourism Department in Sikkim has developed the Sewaro Rock Garden on the bank of River Rimbi as picnic spot which each passing day amidst nature. The park is beautiful with the flower and orange plant, river side deferent type of birds and butterfly can found. Fishing can possible in the river. Second week of January every year marks the celebration of Maghe mela along the river belt of this garden.