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We are independent travel agent, specializing in providing good value, quality holidays, alongside excellent customer service in Darjeeling Sikkim Dooars and Bhutan.

Our independence from tour operators means you can trust us to offer the most extensive range of travel opportunities    

Putting a smile on people’s faces – this is our mission. And work day after day to create unforgettable holiday experiences for our customers.

We offer the complete range of services associated with vacationing and travel packages - premier, standard and budget - with personalized services within India and the neighboring countries. We are experienced in providing tailor-made cultural, spiritual, religious, tribal, adventure, and wildlife tours in Darjeeling Sikkim Dooars and Bhutan Himalaya.

Use our dedicated travel help team to ensure that you have safe and enjoyable travels, wherever you are in the India. Our experts are here to help you with any questions that you may have. Contact us by email, chat or submit an enquiry.

All of our tours are at least moderately active and are carefully planned to minimize the amount of time spent on the road. The level of walking activity varies from tour to tour.

We are experts in dealing with the unexpected. We have a 24-hour emergency number which is manned at all times and, of course, you will be accompanied by Majestic Vacation staff at all times.


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