About Jorpokhri


Jorpokhri lakeThe word
 Tinchuley Located at an altitude of 7,400 ft, the main feature of Jorpokhri is its twin lakes after which the place has been named. 'Jor' means two and 'pokhri' stands for a lake or water tank. The boundary of natural lake has been concretized with seating arrangements so that the visitors can enjoy the water area. There is a huge model of a snake and a fountain in the middle of the tank. Jorpokhri, however is not only about the lakes. There is a lovely forest around full of pines and oak. Just walk around and feel the lovely Himalayan serenity. Jorpokhri is part of Senchal forest and is a nature reserve. In the water tanks you might be able to see the rare Himalayan Salamanders that are small lizard like amphibians. Once they were considered totally extinct and wiped off from the face of the earth. They were found to be living here in Jorpokhri in 1964. During the rainy season, you have a better chance of spotting these small creatures. There are couple of private accommodations at Sukhipokhri which is a couple of kilometers away. You can also stay at West Bengal Forest Development Corporation bungalow at Lepchajagat, which is not very far. The town of Darjeeling is visible from this place and an illuminated Darjeeling in the night makes for a beautiful view from the bungalow. 

How To Reach :

 Jorpokhri is about 19 kms from Darjeeling town center. From Ghoom take the road to Sukhiapokhri that leads all the way to Mirik. Sukhiapokhri is about 11kms from Ghoom and Jorpokhri is another 2kms from there. You will need to book a car from Darjeeling taxi stand and it takes little over 1 hour by road. From Mirik it takes about 1 hour drive to reach Jorpokhri via the Pashupati Market located on the India Nepal border. From Siliguri, distance to Jorpokhri is 85kms.
From Darjeeling, Jorpokhri is ideal for a day tour. You can take a private taxi to complete the tour.